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At J & M Premier Services, our management team recognizes the need for laws, rules, and regulations. We believe these things are meant to enhance, not hinder, the workplace. Therefore, we invested a great deal of time and effort into formulating our HS&E policies to ensure our operating procedures provide absolute regulatory compliance in our daily activities. We feel this provides security to our employees in knowing they will always work in safe conditions, and confidence to our customers knowing their interests are protected as well.

To ensure we maintain this position in an ever changing regulatory climate, our company has both a Transportation Safety Director and an OSHA Safety Director. David T. Rayner, III has over 33 years experience with the Texas Department of Public Safety as a Certified License and Weight Inspector as well as 4 years experience as a Transportation Safety Director in the Oil and Gas Industry.  David is also certified as a Defensive Driving Instructor. These credentials and his wealth of knowledge of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration regulations is invaluable to our ability to operate the safest, most well maintained fleet of heavy haul trucks in the industry. David T. Douglas has achieved the highest recognized level of certification from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration with a Master Certification in both Safety and Health and Envrionmental Safety. These certifications were obtained from the University of Texas at Arlington, Region VI OSHA Education Center.. He has 10 years of safety experience in the Oil and Gas Industry.

With these individuals expertise, and management’s commitment to safety and compliance, J & M Premier Services mission to deliver the safest, most efficient and reliable transportation services in the industry will be realized on a daily basis.  


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