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Our company objective is simple: provide the most reliable transportation services available to the Oil & Gas industry. We achieve this by utilizing the most highly qualified, well-trained employees, operating the best maintained, highest quality equipment in the industry. Our focus is on SAFETY and complete regulatory COMPLIANCE.

In an age of enhanced regulations, J&M Premier Services, Inc. management recognizes the benefit of maintaining compliance and utilizing safe practices to augment our customers needs. Our customer relationships differ from other companies; we view our customers as partners. We must both work together to achieve maximum efficiency for our mutual benefit. However, maximum efficiency cannot occur without safe practices. Injured employees and damaged equipment are detrimental to everyone. For these reasons, we employ both a Director of Transportation safety and an OSHA Safety Director. These individuals, along with management and our Safety Consulting Firm, ensure our trucks and other equipment are never operated in an unsafe condition or by an employee who is not properly trained and certified.

Rest assured that our company has taken the time and made the investment, both in experienced personnel and top-line equipment to provide the safest, most reliable transportation in the industry.

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